Freelance Illustrator

Rethinking the cover for The Queen behind the scenes. What do you think? Watch this space for new never-before-seen Queen behind the scenes illustrations as I produce a new longer edition :) 
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Had so much fun creating this happy image of some ladies-that-lunch for a friend’s card that I decided to try it out as a piece of editorial illustration. - If only I had the perfect article for it to sit alongside! 

Emma Bowden Illustration takes on London :)

So it’s exhibition week! Preparations have been in full swing for a long time now and its finally here! Tomorrow I will be graduating at the Royal Festival Hall in London, and following that my first exhibition starts at Freerange in Brick Lane, London on Thursday. It then runs over the weekend until Monday. And then its exhibition numero 2! New Designers 2014 Part 2 which is taking place at the London Business Centre. This is a really exciting event for creative professionals, come and find me exhibiting alongside my colleagues at the UCA stand. For more information, dates, times and locations for both exhibitions see my website.

Photo updates to come soon!

A taster of what’s to come at my exhibition on thursday! 

Two sneaky previews into my new book The Queen behind the Scenes 

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Terraced Town ©Emma Bowden Illustration 2014
New design soon to be available in the new shop 
A little something I’m working on for a commision
Illustrated selfy for my Grad Show advertising. 

Final Book Covers

Britain for dinner Illustration

Another couple of designs for ‘What a Carve Up’, based on a quote from the book: “between them they carved up the entire country.”

For a first ever attempt at digital drawing I think this went pretty well! A design idea for the cover of Jonathon Coe’s ‘What a carve up’, won’t be the final idea as the definitely doesn’t reflect the books creepy and gory storylines. 
I was commissioned by a freelance writer for the Huffington Post to illustrate a piece about Pulp’s awesome old album: His ‘n’ hers. I struggled a bit as I couldn’t see a way of relating the album to my usual working style, so I spent today experimenting with collage, et voila! Still a little bit indecisive as to whether I like it or not, so it could all change before submission.